Ellen Jones

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Ellen Jones went to Davidson Term 1 2007 and Duke East Term 1 2008. She is from Alabama, where there is apparently no internet. Also, you just lost the game.

Ellen at Davidson

Ellen wasn't very interesting at Davidson. She and her group didn't bond very much and she came away with no interesting stories/nicknames. Her class was very interesting though. She learned about how special the Greeks (and Cameron) were.

Ellen at Duke East

This story is slightly more interesting. In 2008, Ellen had many interesting stories and a very interesting nicknames. She was a member of Cadene's Original RAG and was in Screenwriting. She invented the "Cup o' Fry", jello-snarfled, had crazy dance parties, was in the Talent Show and the Lip Synch, and was the best PA ever.

Black Out

One of the more eventful nights of the Term was when Ellen blacked out. She remembers nothing after watching Monty Python and The Holy Grail until she woke up in her closet the next morning. In between then she choked on Swedish Fish, ran around giggling, and made "That's What She Said Jokes." She did not imbibe any illegal substances and the leading theory is that while trying to understand Monty Python, she blew a fuse.