Ellie Morton

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Ellie Morton was a 1st year 3rd year who was probably as spazzy as they come and absolutely hilarious. She could almost be found roaming the hall ways with the FABULOUS Hailey, Marika, and Dharma, attempting to make friends by sharing food mailed to her by her family. Almost always it was a million pound bag of twizzlers which ALWAYS disappeared in a span of 10 minutes or less. She was made famous by her obsession and rejection from CONNOR FRANTA, her awkward staring towards Chris' RC group, special facial expressions, freaking out her roommate with the noise "EEERRGGMMMHHH(yes i realized i butchered that spelling...)," bragging that her roommate didn't wear pants, and proving that you should wear a dress to dances because PURPLE UNDERWEAR!!!(and to all you English maniacs yes i know that, that was a run-on sentence... but you can deal) So as you can tell she's quite the special TIPster but honestly, who isn't??

Ellie Morton
Campus(es) UGA
Attended 2013
Course(s) Crytography
RAG(s) Elizabeth
Roommate(s) Marika
Social Media