Emily's Neantrathals

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The Neantrathals were a RAG of 14 2nd year boys who lived on the third floor of Bassett.

  • 2017 Edit: As luck (or skill) would have it, the once members of this RAG received seven relics as third years, Bo- Skippy, Reece- Watercolors Cap & Blazemaster, Colton- Black box, Will- Fairy Wings, Ben- 10 of clubs, Kendall- Shazam Hat
Reece and Quinn posing with the vanquished beast
Da squad posing by Papi


  • Aaditya- Most likely to be a politician

Aaditya was probably one of the most well versed in politics people at TiP. Known for having very strong opinions about government and especially the presidential election, Aaditya was especially fun to hang around since you never knew what he was going to say next

  • Ben (AKA Chopsticks)- Most likely to break the world record for the Rubiks Cube

Ben was the TiPster who was well rounded in various activities including, but not limited to, card collecting/cardistry, Rubik's Cubing, pen spinning, computer hacking, science, decorative knot tying, and speed reading among other things. He had a tendency to impulsively purchase things both at the store and online, and basically got deliveries regularly.

  • Boden- Most likely to imitate a velociraptor

Boden was the person that brought the wonderful sound of "VROUN-ve" to TiP.

  • Colton- Talk with his hands

Colton was the super energetic yet chill guy in the RAG. In a relationTiP with Niamh.

  • Conlan- Become a history teacher

Conlan knew a lot... about history.

  • Connor- Be a foosball champion

Connor was the best foosball player in the RAG and possibly all of East (he might be better than Alex). At dances, he would go to the Brown commons and, with Savaan, demolish most competitors in his way (Seriously, he won 5-0 in a span of three minutes once).

  • Jacob- Be well liked

Jacob was the one who was liked by many of the girls at TiP but was officially in a relationTiP with Eden.

  • John- Play music while you're suffering

John's superlative came from the night after the RAG demolished a Vermonster. After returning to Bassett, many fellow rag members found themselves regurgitating half-digested chocolate ice cream into the toilets... while John stood by and played music. In an unofficial relationTiP with AJ.

  • Kendall- Drink ice cream

Kendall, with an iron stomach, drank the melted remains of the Vermonster after everyone else was too sick to attempt it.

  • Quinn- Have a hat indention

Quinn had the look of the most innocent person on campus, but he would beat you down if you mentioned something about sports he didn't like. Best tipster.

  • Raymond- Lose his water bottle

Raymond knew a lot about movie ratings, and could almost flawlessly recite (to many people's annoyance) Rotten Tomato's ratings for every single movie brought up during Rag night planning. However, Raymond had a consistent habit of loosing his water bottle everywhere. He even left it in the water fountain after filling it up once. Raymond also had a tendency to be in the bathroom at the most inopportune times, most often before dinner, before RAG meetings, and before dances.

  • Reece- Be a (Fashion) model

Reece was the super athletic kid and one of the only second years on Dream Team due to his enormous 6' 3" build. He was also good at pool and ERS.

  • Savaan- Talk about burgers

Savaan's nickname was Veggie Burger/Double quarter pounder with cheese.

  • Will- Be a famous musician

Will would always be playing one tune or another in free-time, and you could usually find him strumming his guitar on the third floor.


  • Watching movies

During the first RAG night, the Neantrathals decided to watch Monty Python and the Holy grail over some takeout. Due to the nature of the food consumed and the subsequent inability of TiPsters to clean up after themselves, the Bassett third floor study was left smelling like grease for the next few weeks. No amount of open windows or fans could purge the smell from the room, but nevertheless, almost everyone would gather to talk with the girls from the rag across the hall.

  • Vermonster: The RAG went to Ben & Jerry's for their final RAG night and decided to east a vermonster. Was mainly eaten by Quinn and Reece.