Emily Moser

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Emily Moser is a term II TIPster at UGA, wherein she took the classes Philosophy of Knowledge and The Brain, Intelligence, and Creativity. She is notorious for eating cookies. Rebekah Whittington is her best friend, and she is known to have had a brief, passionate relationiship with Marianna Hagler in 2011. This, of course, gave way when she was asked to the Tiki Tiki Hipster dance by Chris Buehler, her eventual relationTIP.

She loves Merritt Speagle more than anyone else. They shared cookies and laughter together during Merritt's 3rd and 4th years and Emily's 2nd and 3rd years (2010 and 2011). Emily's 4th year will be incomplete without Merritt.

Emily Moser is one of the sweetest, funniest and cutest girls you will ever meet. She enjoys putting her hair in other peoples mouths, talks in the stairwell, and acting like she doesn't know how to dance even though she is really good at it. She also likes being poked and tickled on her sides. Try it. You might get punched. <3 you Emily!