Emma Jane Hopper

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Emma Jane Hopper(EJ, Emmages, Emmott) is a TiPster from Austin, Texas. She likes boys. And people. And anything that moves.

West Term 1 2014

In 2014, for her first time at TiP(though she was a second year), Emma went to Duke West Term 1, where she took Psychology of Decision Making. Within the first week, she began to like a third year, named Scott Taber. With help from his roommate, , she was able to go with him to the first dance(Neon Rave themed). There Scott got his first kiss, and after that it pretty much went downhill(due to his lack of skill in that area). #Emmott then split after a few days, during the trip to Palace Pointe. She then had a "few" hook-ups with a fourth year named Michael, A.K.A. Beanie Baby. She went onto the roof with her friends Alie and Alanna, much to the chagrin of the fourth years, who were claiming that they were "uncomfortable with them being up there"(Colin) They were then forced back down. She was also in a cult, along with third years Rebecca Shipman, Maria Anderson, Emily Werner, Stephanie Boozalis, and fourth year Maddie Hertz, etc.