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Alana Artis's RC Group nickname at Rice Term I 2018. Definitely the best RC group out of all of them. At Tipsync they won (confirmed by one of the judges) with their performance to Telephone by Lady Gaga ft. Beyonce (the queen). Before the performance, the ladies matched their looks with black eyeshadow and plum lipstick -- very emo. The other half of the name "emofruits." comes from the door decorations created and perfected by the amazing Alana. Each door has a different fruit, hence the fruit in emofruit.


  • Lucy (lemon)
  • Aarthi (lime)
  • Lauren (grape)
  • Skyler (grape)
  • Raina (cherry)
  • Alison (cherry)
  • Sierra (watermelon)
  • Emma (pineapple)
  • Gracie (strawberry)
  • Marina (orange)

Best Moments

  • Tipping chairs over at dinner (shhh it was the wind)
  • That’s not cool guys
  • Winning Tipsync (clearly they were the best)
  • Sriracha Table
  • Health food
  • Calm ERS
  • Salt under the salt shaker
  • Goodnight mush (from goodnight moon)
  • Dumb ways to die