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Behind roller coasters, water parks, miniature golf courses, and theme parks are engineers who understand physical forces, the fundamentals of design, and the psychology that goes into the business of fun. Join their ranks and put your knowledge of engineering principles and theory into practice while also learning principles of user experience, collaboration, prototype development, field testing, design adaptation, and the marketing considerations behind a project’s launch. Create and model entertainment attractions manually and with 3-D computer-aided design programs while completing both individual and group assignments—all in the name of fun!

Offered: 8-10 - Rice University

[1] circa 2018

Georgia Tech


Term 2



Term 1

Engineering was the best class in Term 1. The official class song for Term 1 was "Seagulls (Stop it Now)". The full class list is as follows, with their termbook superlatives:

  • Class: Most likely to make Frank never want to be a TA again
  • Instructor....Gold DH: Most likely to be energetic while teaching
  • TA....Frank K: Most likely to be a God (at ultimate frisbee)
  • Jared M: Most likely to hunt seagulls
  • Alex A: Most likely to kill Ninja
  • Kush G: Most likely to be the biggest success
  • Camden G: Most likely to become a private investigator
  • Ravi I: Most likely to get deported
  • Alexander E: Most likely to beat Ravi in Shellshock
  • Ayden E: Most likely to be a CEO
  • Jorryn L: Most likely to mass produce Frank buttons
  • Grace A: Most likely to lose to an old man in a walking contest OR Low key/Loki is dead
  • Lucy K: Most likely to win at HQ
  • Maxime D: Most likely to secretly kill everyone and not get caught OR be a secret Russian spy
  • Emma J: Most likely to be Justin Timberlake in NSYNC
  • Emma K: Most likely to end world poverty
  • John C: Most likely to have a blank expression
  • James B: Most likely to be a hacker
  • Will Roosa: Most likely to catch ‘em all
  • Will Rohren: Most likely to a seagull
  • Nicolas D: Most likely to finesse girls in someone else’s class


  • Annoying second years asking if animals would be hurt after every presentation
  • Hurling Watermelons off the roof
  • Bowling with Watermelons
  • Evening Study Parties
  • All of our ****ing field trips got cancelled
  • The Aquarium trip
  • Kank
  • The start of the tradition
  • Vlogs

Notable Projects

  • The Journey of Life
  • Murderland - This project was a theme park based on horror, terror, gore, and death. Notable features included were:
    • A version of its a small world where the dolls come alive and attack the riders
    • Employees that dress similarily to give guests the feeling that they are being stalked
    • The Abandoned Playground
    • Glowing eyes that appear under manhole covers
    • Toilets that whisper things to you if you're in a bathroom alone
    • Mirrors that show ghosts in them and bathroom appliances that mimic the ghosts actions
    • CLOWNS
    • Tunnel of Screams
    • 4 Horsemen Merry-Go Round
    • Dead animals petting zoo
    • Brain Burgers
    • Restaurants where every food item has a question mark at the end
    • Chernobyl themed kids area
  • Trying to find a better solution for Houston traffic (there isn't one)

Term 2

Term 2 was a (positive) mess.

Engineering 4 Fun was a class that followed by the rules of,

  • 1. No off tune whistling - punishment: splits
  • 2. No humming - punishment: singing first verse of song
  • 3. Writing name on papers - punishment: lines of name (increasing by increments of, 10, 17, 23, 29, etc.)
  • 4. No taking over the world

Class List (including their given superlative):

  • Gold Darr Hood- Most likely to take over the world
  • Frank Kuo-Most likely to beat you... at everything
  • Ethan Bull-Most likely to be a grape dealer
  • Jackson Carruth-Most likely to "not worry about it"
  • Michael Chung-Most likely to secretly takeover China
  • Nathan Dummitt- Most likely to become the next Rick Astley
  • Caleb Eden- Most likely to become a minecraft youtuber
  • Kathleen Hua- Most likely to be a banana
  • Jacob Jones-Most likely to come up with an over complicated solution
  • Daniel Lee- Most likely to steal your man(s)
  • Koen Lee-Most likely to be Frank's son
  • Griffin Mcfarland-Most likely to play io games till the end of time
  • Jeff Meller- Most likely to build a rollercoaster
  • Rohan Patel- Most likely to get ripped
  • Kenneth Rangel-Most likely to become a barista
  • Amanda "Mandy" Richardson- Most likely to compliment you
  • David Shu-Most likely to get in a good college and dropout to become a professional youtuber
  • Gabriel Toro-Most likely to try to jailbreak your iphone
  • Michael Walker- Most likely to become the next Edward Snowden

Term 2 mourns the death of their rube goldberg machine after it's multiple deaths.

Notable Events:

  • Punishments during lunch due to, spillage, phone usage, etc.
    • Ten pushups, pullups, or situps were administered to the culprit
  • The incompletion of the rube goldberg
    • Ethan's dominoes falling over
  • Pokemon hunting with Frank
  • Omniverse VR
  • Frank falling asleep
  • Road to 1k
    • sub to ddshoo
  • 202 G's 6s
  • Asian being sent to rice field
  • Carving then throwing watermelon off of the 5th floor
  • The pvc pipe and chair trebuchet
  • Thot knot bois
  • the kiddie ride
  • shots of coke, pepper, hot sauce, powerade, and salt taken during lunch (by Daniel, Kenneth, Jackson, and Koen)


Term 1

Instructor (1st week) - JC Suman: Most likely to go on a philosophical rant

Instructor (Weeks 2 & 3) - Josh (Was an asst. Academic director)

TA - Sakha: Most likely to be on her phone

Students (and their superlatives) -

Evelyn: Most likely to speak for the trees

Perrin: Most likely to “Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr”

Brooks/Alix: Most likely to have their shoes untied

Alec: Most likely to rant about Minke Whales

Nathan: Most likely to butterfly (Mess around with/steal the butterfly knife Alec made out of popsicle sticks)

Malachi: Most likely to waste all the glue

Michael: Most likely to forget his call out number

James: Most likely to remind Michael of his number

Tara: Most likely to jump on a bridge

Taryn: Most likely to be the c a v e™ Witch

Max: Most likely to work for Disney

Brynn: Most likely to sing in class

Chris: Most likely to not care

Avery: Most likely to save the turtles

Jay: Most likely to be the top 2-4%

William: Most likely to have hot glue in his tea.

Notable Events/Quotes

  • JC Suman resigning
  • “You are the top 2-4%” -JC
  • “You all are the crop of the cream” -JC
  • 15 minute rant from JC about how the universe is so finely crafted it must have been made by a higher being
  • “The Earth is at such a precise angle that if it was a millimeter off, the moon would come crashing down” -JC
  • “The existence of multiple gods, or no God, is illogical” -JC
  • Creation of the 5’ 10” popsicle stick tower
  • The c a v e™
  • Tara jumping on the bridge and breaking it
  • Ferris Bueller the Ferris Wheel
  • The Minke Whale story by Alec
  • Perrin’s Writing Lessons
  • The field trip to Houston Community College to use VR.
  • VR Coco will steal your soul
  • Cuprosklodowskite isn’t perfect and that’s ok
  • ”I swear, one of this days I’m going to KILL a three year old” -Anonymous
  • ”Pluto is a continent” - Mr. Josh
  • Mr. Josh looking absolutely done when one of the entrepreneurship kids mentioned drones