Engineering Problem Solving (Davidson)

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It is a class. It is awesome. The End.

2014 Term 2

Contrary to the top, this class is more than awesome. In 2014 Term 2 the teacher was Ismail and the TA Jeff(rey). During Evening studies Jeff would teach Counter Strike and League to all the students and he loves KPOP. Ismail even learned some counter strike from him. After Jeff celebrated his 21st birthday at cam this year, he went drinking and would sometimes drive RC Groups on their groupp nights to the laser tad/bowling placing. Jeff would rank 1st for both activities. His bowling scores surpased one hundred. Also in the arcade, he would play this one punching game where he got the high score of over 200. This class has bred 1 known couple- Harrison and Eleanor.



hot glue burns


"Back in my day..."

Best class at ultimate Frisbee

Gentlemen dance at talent show

not a perfectionist anymore


Overdose by EXO

One Shot by BAP


Caramel Dancing


Paxturn down for what

Paxturn off the lights




Shoddy (Shawty) Craftsmanship

Ken Tucky


Kentucky Kapsule

Kentucky Crosser

Taco 2.0

Egg Drop Puns


(It's a) Waste of time

"Video games is a waste of time."


Comic Sans!

2018 Term 1

"Let's whiteboard that."- Alan


Instructor: Alan

TA: Alex

Gender Ratio: Literally all male lol

Notable Trends/Memes:

  • REE
  • But Alex, ball is life.
  • But ball, life is Alex.
  • Alex is the goat.
  • Failing the first test
  • How many shrimps do you have to eat, before your skin turns pink? Eat to much, you'll get sick. Shrimps are pretty rich.
  • K'Nex
  • Fortnite dances
  • Complaining about having lots of math, despite never having homework.
  • Not understanding force on triangles.
  • Spongebob ear rape
  • Stealing Will’s hat
  • X=X
  • Ali-A= Cancer
  • Sam chases golf cart
  • Matthew’s safety glasses

Field Trips:

  • Discovery Place
  • Carolinas Aviation Museum
  • North Carolina Transportation Museum

Most time was spent watching the world cup, playing with K'Nex, listening to lectures, or doing math problems on whiteboards.

2018 Term 2

Instructor: Emad (the Legend27 exists guys) TA: Alex-sama (sugoi-desu!)

Hanvit is currently trying to draw an anime version of the entire class. Once it is finished and someone is smart enough to know how to upload it, it will be posted here (D&D and LoL have priority)

Gender ratio: 2:14 (girls:guys)


  • Adrian

[Insert Fortnite dance here] "Souless ginger #2"

  • Aiden

"Your boosted!" "Souless ginger" "Made frisbee the class sport"

  • Ash

"Mustard" "Misty best girl" "Ranch"

  • Bao

"BaoDown2Me" "Most likely to ask James out (no homo)" "Are you a Hobbit?"

  • Christopher

"Hanvit is a weeb" "pro CS:GO player"

  • Dylan

"Get our of my swamp" "Most likely to neck Hanvit for being a Hanvit"

  • Eleanor

"Blank stare" "Top 10 anime battles: Bao vs Dylan" "Wears Minecraft helmet"

  • Hanvit

"You guys haven't learn ap calculus yet?" "Imo-kun" "Reeeeee I'mma otaku/weeb" "Most Asian eyes"

  • Henry

"But that was catchable!" "Breaks electronics" "Doesn't pay attention in class"

  • Jack

"Top 10 anime [ ]" "Most likely to get a girl"

  • James

"Squads, squads, squads, squads?!?" "Most likely to ask Bao out (no homo)" "Doesn't pay attention in class (the sequel prequel)" "3rd most Asian eyes

  • Nikaia

"Noodles (see Henry pain scale for reference)" "Tsundere-chan" "Most likely to be shipped (see RelationTIPs page (" "2nd most Asian eyes"

  • Ryan

"Neck creases" "Clutch it for the bois" "Literally catches everything, even what isn't physically catchable"

  • Theo

"It was me, Dio!" "You thought it was a bushy boi, but it was me, Dio!"

  • Wil

"Frisbee god" "KGB agent" "Does work on paper, then gets called on by Emad [awkward silence]"

  • William

"France may won the world cup but you see Korea...." "I hate Prom!(Frustrating....)" "You has girl?" William is not a native English speaker, but has very, very fluent Korean. Especially in non TIPpropriate domains of knowledge.

Dank Memez

  • Ali-A is da GOAT (deh-veh-low-per)

3-2-1 drop it

  • Hooked on a feeling. . .
  • Alex is love, Alex is life
  • Shrek is love, Shrek is life
  • Comrade, steel production is down, I said comrade.
  • Pizza run Spiderman 2
  • The Tower of Dave (should’ve won)
  • Breaking 20 dollar calculators for a single capacitor
  • Also shorting batteries with pencil graphite until it smokes and pops
  • Most meme ships
  • Roasting Hanvit
  • Hanvit roasting himself
  • Literally everyone lasering Henry
  • Class assignments To Be Continued [insert JoJo's song here]
  • This class is most likely to start a communist revolution
  • Fountain of Soup
  • Fountain of Oof


  • ”Will, laser [insert name here]!” - literally everyone
  • ”It’s that time of day again!” - literally everyone
  • "It's high noon" - Ryan
  • "it's not an innuendo Hanvit, stop thinking about it that way." - Mainly Nikaia, but also Bao and Dylan
  • “That was highly catchable!” - Henry
  • "That was an unthrowable catch" - Hanvit memeing
  • "Why did you put pencil lead on the battery?" - Alex
  • "Henry, why is this battery hot?" - Emad
  • "I have crippling depression" - Hanvit
  • "I have crippling TIPpression" - the entire class
  • "Let me inform you of a terrible disease that affects millions of kids worldwide-teen angst" - Hanvit
  • "Rate your pain on a scale of 1 through 10" - Jack

"Soup" - Henry

  • "Omae wa mou shindeiru" - half the guys
  • "Ooga chaka, ooga chaka, ooga chaka" - literally the entire class
  • "Get out of my swamp!" - Dylan
  • "Calculated" - Hanvit (and other asian kids to a lesser extent)
  • "It was me, Dio!" - Everyone other than Theo
  • "(frustrating)" - William

Henry Pain Scale

Henry's Pain Scale; 1-10 (Made by Hanvit and Adrian, inspired by Hanvit and Henry) By inspired, Hanvit lasered Henry in the face, and Henry said his pain on a scale of 1-10 is soup

Spoon-the amount of damage that Hanvit can inflict in his final form

Bowl-being sent to the Gulag by Will the KGB agent

Chopsticks-Asians dont feel pain from spicy foods

Vegetal-T-posted on by Alex

Noodles-roasted by Tsundere-chan



Porridge-my bones

Ramen-every second of Hanvit's life

Soup-Henry literally dying inside

Urban Dictionary

  • Tsundere-someone (usually a girl) who is cold to someone at first but warms up to them (this is oversimplified)

Actually Nikaia is more of a kuudere, but tsundere-chan is a reference to the Monogatari series

  • Kuudere-someone who is coldhearted because they are shy (this is also oversimplified)
  • Weeb/Weeaboo-someone who is obsessed with anime and tries to learn Japanese through it
  • Otaku-a Weeb, but is also obsessed with actual Japanese culture, and also has no friends
  • Dio is a character from JoJo's bizarre adventures

It's a meme

  • TIPpression-sadness that comes from realizing you will never see the other kids you met at camp ever again.
  • Omae wa mou shindeiru means "you are already dead"
  • Sugoi-desu(the u is silent)-its means awesome, to be awesome, etc
  • Imo-depressed anime boi