Engineering Problem Solving (Trinity)

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Neehar is the teacher of Engineering Problem Solving at the Trinity campus. He is from India. Neehar is currently earning his PhD in electrical engineering at Rice.

Teaching Assistant

Caz is the teacher assistant of Engineering Problem Solving at the Trinity Campus. Its pronouns are it, them or they.


Term 2 Engineers

There were 16 students in Engineering Problem Solving Term Two. There names are:

  • Adam
  • Aliya
  • Bruno
  • Dennis
  • Anonymous
  • Eve
  • Graham
  • Israel
  • Jed
  • Jesse
  • Luis
  • Luke
  • Matthew
  • Max
  • Thomas
  • Tristan

Notable Nicknames

  • Anonymous "Average Norm"
  • Dennis "The Menace"
  • Eve "Captain St. Eve Rogers"
  • Graham "Grahaummingbird"
  • Graham "Grahammad"
  • Graham "Zingo"
  • Israel "Agent Orange"
  • Luis "Honorable Chairman'
  • Luke "Sir Lajoie"
  • Luke "Shoaf Evangelist"
  • Bruno "Technicality Man"

Final Projects

  • Bruno, Graham, Thomas: MC Hyper Farm
  • Tristan: Explosive Dam
  • Jed, Luis: MC Stopwatch
  • Matthew, Jesse, Eve, Aliya, David: The coolest, most proportional model of a city EVER
  • Matthew, Jesse, Eve, Aliya, David: The most functional vacuum cannon EVER
  • David, Eve, Aliya: Stolen oranges and a completely functional bike-powered generator


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