Entox Squad

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The Entox squad (aka the floor squad) consisted of Fabiola Casillas, Annette Hasnas, Elizabeth Redding and Emily Welsh. They all took Environmental Toxicology at Duke West Term 2 2017. All but Emily were fourth years. Fabiola, Annette, and Elizabeth were the creators of the Traditions Handbook, passed on to Emily Welsh in 2017. To Emily they were the most wonderful friends and she misses them so much. Known for their legendary final presentations on Ricin (Elizabeth and Fabiola) and Snake Venom (Annette and Emily).


Emily rubbing Elizabeth or Annettes hands or feet

Arguing with Charles over everything

Sitting at the end of the lab table near the door

Carrying a binder the size of a cinderblock

Playing Pres with Max Burk

Murdering each other during mafia

Being sprayed with air from Max’s syringe when he acted like a seven year old