Erika Morck

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If you're not first, you're last. Guess what? Erika's first. Her 2011 Term II RAG at East was known by her as "her best/favorite RAG". Erika's RAG was also known for their beautiful performance of Firework (Katy Perry) at the TipSync. But she will admit to loving her 2011 term I RAG far better, as it had amazing TIPsters such as Mahi, Jordan, Katnip, and Alex. Her 2011 term I RAG also loved her more, and is more special all around.

However much she liked her 2011 rags, her favorite rag by far was her 2012 term 2 rag, including Brianna, Hannah, Jessica, Morgan, Sarah, Eugenia, Emily, Kathleen, Mary, Haley, and Carrie. To them she was known as Errka, the best cat lady ever!! They loved her so much and even managed to make her cry during their fourth year speeches. She also led them and the rest of grellow to WINNING quadfest by 100 points!!!!!