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Overview of His Illustrious Career

Ethan Erhardt was a second year at Duke East Term 1 2014 and a third year at the same campus and term 2015. He was known for being popular with the girls. His first year consisted of him not being too farmiliar with the concept of some feminist ideas and some political correctness to an extent.This, as well as his interactions with several girls gave him an undeserving bad reputation as his friends know that he cant help his swag levels. Their hatred was overcome by his immense charisma. He was forgiven over and over for his crimes, only to commit them again. 2014 was supposedly his first and last year of TIP since he "strongly disliked" it there. INstead he changed his mind and returned for third year and as of week 2, is very politically correct and careful with his words. Due to undisclosed circumstances, Ethan was almost prohibited from returning to TiP. He has seen the error of his ways and is currently the chillest of the chill. He has changed much since the notorious happenings of second year.

Classes: Philosophy Of Time 2014 East Term 1 Symbols and Structure 2015 East Term 1

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Ethan Erhardt was a second year at Duke East Term 1 2014 and a third year at the same campus in 2015. He was known for slayin poon. His first year he wouldn't stop saying the n word and it made some people mad. Third year he just said it in the privacy of his room, so people liked him more. He still had a bad reputation though, and was known by many as a "shady fucking ape man" -blazemaster. He's actually not charismatic at all lol. He's still not politically correct he just doesn't go out of his way to piss people off anymore. Also the last tipwiki page was pretty funny go check it out