Ethics and the Little White Lie

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One of the most requested classes of the term, this class was under a lot of pressure in its debut year at Duke TiP. It ended up being very fun and created a lot of fun memories. Anyone considering taking the class, just be ready for a lot of uncomfortable topics and to think a lot harder about issues you didn't think of before.

The Instructors: Originally taught by a woman named Jenni, the class was barely any fun in its beginning. Jenni was a local teacher who had a love for popcorn reading and expecting too much from the students. She mysteriously disappeared a week and a half into term, and it was suspected that the tipsters were the reason for her sudden departure. The new teacher, Emily, was a joy. She was also the instructor for term one that year, and it was a joy to have her. She took the class on field trips to an art museum and the Duke lemur center, automatically making her way better than Jenni. Overall, Emily was much better at teaching the subject in a fun way. The TA Bethany was known for her sarcasm and wit, often engaging in fun debates during the class's beloved "Agree-Disagree" games. Emily and Bethany were such a power duo and made the class into an interesting and fun one.

Subject Matter: Tipsters received 3 books upon their arrival. These were "Lying" by Sam Harris, "Justice" by Micheal J Sandel, and "Ethics in the Real World" by Peter Singer. The class covered Justice the most with Jenni, quickly read "Lying" with Emily, and read very little of "Ethics in the Real World". The book by Peter Singer was the favorite of the trio. The class covered topics in the books they read, often reading for long periods of time and discussing with Jenni. There were also many games of Agree-Disagree played. These games often turned into heated debates, but this was the class's favorite. The class took some notes from powerpoints with Emily and Bethany, but they were overall interesting. They also studied the Stanford Prison Experiment. The final project of the term was to research a topic and its ethics. Tipsters then gave a 7-minute power presentation on their chosen topics.

The Tipsters: The saving grace of this class was the students enrolled in it. Filled with fourth years unafraid to speak their mind, hearing jokes and laughter throughout the term was not uncommon. The class list was as follows, in no particular order: Stephen, El, Laney, Sol, Lilli, Piper Lyons, Lily Cestero, Paschal Wilson, Wells Bussey, Ella Blair, Sasha Robertson, McKenzie McHugh, Jake Solomon, Lucy, Gabi Karlan, Rosa, Bridget Blanchard, Anna Smith, Jonathan, and CJ.

Famous Quotes:

  1. "SLATT"
  2. "I'm up to no goooooooooood"
  3. Work really hard, get a good grade"
  4. "I eat losers for breakfast" - Bridget
  5. "You guys are fools" - A Random Lady who called Paschal on accident and talked to Paschal, Wells, Ella, and Sasha before realizing her mistake
  6. "Imagine I didn't have skin" - Jake
  7. "Iowa is Kansas. Prove me wrong." - Jake
  8. "This might sound dumb, but I really don't like terrorism." - McKenzie
  9. "What sort of secret government presentation uses shadow letters?" - Piper
  10. "Its a government document with clipart!" - Piper
  11. "Evitable" - Paschal
  12. "How are you?" "No I don't" - Sasha & Jake
  13. "F*ck Ethics" - Emily
  14. "Boomers!" - Paschal
  15. "Smooth leg rubbing"- Stephen
  16. "Where's my snot-blower?" - Lucy
  17. "You have one brain cell, and you aren't using it right." - Sol
  18. "Mackie is Wackie" - Stephen
  19. "How are your workers paid?" "Uh... with money?" - Unknown and Laney
  20. "You exploit baby calf growth fluid!" " mean... selling milk?" - Bethany and Lucy
  21. (while laughing) "Nothing matters." - Bethany
  22. "What's the cutest bag? A WOMB!" - Paschal
  23. "I am Bill Clinton" - Bethany
  24. "We're killing them morally" - Jake
  25. "Ronald Reagan did 9/11" - Gabi
  26. "You're not lying when you tell the captain he's going to crash the plane." - Paschal
  27. "Afternune" - Paschal
  28. "He was a good Catholic boy, I was a lesbian, so it didn't go very well." - El
  29. "Your disgusting bathroom feet" - Bethany
  30. "Are you in the mafia?" "No, I'm too Jewish" - Sol & Jake
  31. "No, the only people sharing this meme are boomers and they will likely die before they have made any change with their boomer memes" - Paschal
This picture depicts McKenzie McHugh, Ella Blair, CJ, and Sasha Robertson all discussing a book during small groups.
This is a picture of the class at the Duke Lemur Center with Emily and Bethany.