Evan stone

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EVAN IS COOL. TO COOL FOR SCHOOL. WATCH OUT HE MAY BE A RAPTOR IN DISGUIESE. HI EVAN ITS CARTER!he has made over a thousand movies. look him up on google and see what CUMS up.

EVAN IS A WIG STEALER!!!!!!! he is also deadset on going in the tunnels Evan goest to Duke EAST, which pwns West any day!!!!!! Oh, and his first and last name mean the same thing in hebrew, which is pretty cool

While Evan is an idiotic character, he wasn't stupid enough to think going into the tunnels was a good idea. He was an energetic little spunky teen who would often be found in Alspaugh, freaking out over fooseball, even though he was completely dominating the other team... known for his incredible shift of long straggly hair to millimeter length fluff, one thing that never changed was he amount of sweat that exited his pores 24/7

Evan is known to make Andrew's tinkle winkle.