Everyone looks normal next to someone eating laundry detergent

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The T-shirt for Searching for Clues Term 2.

The story:

One day in class, Margaret Overton and Ruth Hewlett were having a debate. They were discussing why Mycroft Holmes (Sherlock Holmes's brother) was introduced into the stories. Ruth was arguing that he made Sherlock seem less weird. Trying to understand better how this could work, Mallory Hillary gave this example: "So, if you have someone...poking in the dirt with a stick, you're gonna think that person's weird. But if you have someone...." At this point she runs out of ideas. Emma Coomes (I think) cuts in at this point and suggests, "eating laundry detergent!" Everyone laughs, and Mallory finishes: "If you have someone eating laundry detergent, you're gonna think that the person poking the dirt isn't as weird!"

Triumph for the analogy, and a new T-shirt.

Pictures to follow.