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It's a pretty obscure form of bullying. You've probably never heard of it.

During the 3rd week of East, Term I, 2011, the fourth years (and the two third year RAGs! C'mon guys :P) were gathered in Pegram Commons and faced by solemn RC's for an unpleasant meeting regarding bullying. All the fourth years, past and present, do recognize that bullying is a serious issue and not okay. However, during this particular lecture, there were many things stated that TiPsters found amusing. Prominently, that talking about people behind their backs is not okay, even when it is positive; conversations should "exemplify [our] own assets" (direct quote from Megan's script) instead. However, the part that made the most TiPsters squirm in their seats with concealed laughter was when RC Megan spoke the phrase, "There's a new form of bullying. You may not have heard of it." Far from cyber-bullying, which was the expected appositive, the next word out of Megan's mouth was, "Exclusion."

Following the meeting, the vast majority of Pegram residents cracked jokes about exclusion, much to the confusion of residents of Alspaugh and Brown. It became known as hipster bullying, and people apologized for anything that could be counted as exclusion. The most popular form of revenge against exclusion was to talk positively about people behind their backs.

A follow-up meeting was called, in which RHL Terricia yelled at the Tipsters for laughing at the first meeting. A great deal of remorse was felt, but not too much remorse.