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Exodus is a drink that started at Duke Tip West Campus term 2 in 2014. The record is 42 seconds held by Daniel.


This recipe may cause one to continuously throw up or puke due to its contents. Duke West DOES allow you to drink this substance; however, not as a speed drinking contest.

Original Formula

10% Black Coffee

40% Chocolate Milk

50% Orange Fanta

Secret Formula

50% Chocolate Milk

30% Fanta

10% Tabasco Sauce

10% Mustard

Small Amounts of Salt and Pepper

Challenge Rules

1. You must drink a full glass your first time attempting the challenge

2. The second time you must drink the full glass and eat the foam

3. Must sit for 30 seconds before drinking

4. You cannot eat or drink anything while completing the challenge

5. There can only be two drinkers on the same day


Kip (original maker of exodus), Mathew (asked for a drink), Drew (Maker of the challenge), Dillon (Maker of the drink name)


1st Drinker- George

1. Daniel (1st official contest drinker)

2. George

3. Daniel (2nd time)


1. Record Breaking Time (5$)