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The tradition of Fam continues. Fam 3 was the champion student team for TiP West Term 1 2018.


  • Fourth Years: Rishab, Chris, Roshen, Simone, Kristy, Sam, Walker, Campbell, Ella, Kyle
  • Third Years: Julia, Luke, Trey, Reese, Jim


Fam has been a team at Duke West Term 1 since 2015, when Fam 1, a third year team, lost to Black Magic in the finals of the student tournament. Fam 2 lost the the finals to CBU (Creston Betrayed Us). Fam 3 was the first Fam team to find victory with their super stacked lineup, including many past members of CBU. At the end of the term, Creston willed control of Fam 4 to Rishab and Campbell.

The Start of Fam 4

With their lineup of veteran Fam members and promising new rookies, Fam 4 formed early in the term confident and ready to play. However, the staff had other ideas. Others were intimidated by Fam’s strength, so only one other team was formed in opposition. The staff decided to split Fam up, which was especially devastating to Rishab and Campbell, who had been willed control of Fam and had been recruiting members of Fam 4 for months.

The Student Tournament

The Student/Staff Game

Fam 4 entered the student/staff game apprehensive of talent from tall opponents such as Scott, but still willing to do what it took to win. The beginning of the game started out rough, the lead switching between the two teams. The turning point came when Patrick, who had been keeping score, missed a point from Fam 4. He was politely corrected by Fam 4, but refused to budge even when members of the staff team confirmed that Fam 4’s score should be higher. Patrick quickly became aggresive. The light perfectly caught specks of phlegm as they flew from his mouth. Eventually, Fam 4 had to accept Patrick’s devotion to his mistake, and continued the game with a renewed vigor. From that point on, Fam 4 promised themselves that they would not allow the staff to win based off of a judging error. After the Patrick incident, the staff only scored a couple of times more, while Fam 4’s intense effort and stunning talent, as well as Ella’s impressive skills (for which she was unanimously awarded MVP) carried them to victory.

After the Game

After winning, Fam 4 came together on the field for one final huddle. Their victory chant of “Fam 4! Staff is no more!” could be heard resonating in every tipster’s heart.