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This is one of the three theories that where concocted in the twisted mind of jack who sugests you read the applied body theory first done stream of conciousness, error loaded idea is right though.

"Okay, so tip is a person.

The RCs are the blood replaced every now and then (corpses used to stop hemorageing). But the main point is that each of the years of tipsters is an organ: the fourth years are the heart, they are the true driving force behind the actions of the others seem to be the only thing keeping tip alive. Then third years are the lungs, important but really there to bask in the glory of the heart. The first years are the appendix, had it once but no more. and the second years... lets say they're the pancreas/ (insert equitable female organ). Now the whole thing works pretty good for about three weeks then father time (the antagonist) comes along and rips out TIP's heart Temple of Doom style, then shreads it and eats it. He then procedes to present himself and shat the remains to the four winds.

Well f***.

The lungs are in shock, and cannot seem to move the blood. The pancreas is confused and gets cancer. and the apendex had no idea anything happend as it has a shitty view from the crotch(davidson). But over time, the lungs learn to move the blood on their own from the practice received from breathing, the cancerous pancreas becomes totaly malignant and lodges around whats left of the lungs, it begins to pipe in air, and the appendex is surgically inplanted and is still totaly unaware that anything is wrong. But the lungs know. They look at the apendex and say, "who the f*** are you?" they see the pancreas and know, that what poses for lungs is just a malignant pancreas, they even see the fraud of themselves, "yes i'am pumping blood, but I am no heart. This pancreatic cancer couldnt pump the blood without me, when father time comes for me, this body will die.

But over the course of the terms, each peice of the body becomes what it needs and the body lives on"

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