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"FIGHT ME!" -Everybody

At UGA Term 1 2015, many tipsters found themselves in constant battles for honor. The phrase "fight me" has always been in use, especially by a species such as tipsters, and was thrown around. However, Cheyenne/Wren started adding "you wanna tussle?" and "meet me in the pit" after. And, like 90% of everything they said, soon caught on with other people. One day, after spouting off these phrases, Connor initiated a vicious 1-round fight of Rock Paper Scissors (he would always play rock, it usually worked) Soon, this became the way of fighting and battle of most of the camp. The routine is as follows:

  • Tipster says something
  • Another tipster argues/takes slight offense, says "fight me" and one of the optional other phrases
  • They compete in sudden death Rock Paper Scissors
  • Victor is a true honorable champion, the loser has gotten rek't
  • Airhorns (Connor carried around a kazoo, which he used as a substitute for airhorns)

Notable variants:

  • Hayley would say "fight me irl," and would then assume the crab position.
  • Timmy added a lesser known rule that the victor could slap the loser on the cheek. This was a bit too much for most tipsters.
  • Bailee would fight many people on the account of one direction.. what else would she do with her life?