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Finger Fencing

This sport was popular on the 2nd and 3rd floors on KU campus 2013 Term 1, initially introduced by finger fencing champion Harrison (much to Kris's dismay). The game was fun and used to the last week until RCs banned it for there were too many wrists that popped.

The game is played by holding your opponents hand (using right to right or left to left) and sticking out your index finger, this is your "sword”. On the count of a predetermined number you attack your opponent trying to touch any part of their body except the arm your holding.

There are two ways to play, one way is to use strategy, the way commonly chose by tipsters, by using the fake-out finger and taunting to distract their enemy another way is strength and/or playing dirty by forcing your finger at the person causing their wrist to pop. Both ways are allowed to play. To those of you who witnessed the tournament of the 3rd floor know the sport is very competitive. In the finals it was Kris against Harrison after a 5 minutes competition the victor who appeared was Harrison! Harrison remained champion for the term, but Kris still longs for her rematch!