Fire extinguisher

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This is the tale of the TIP fire extinguisher.

One Sunday at Duke West Term 2 2015 a TIPstar activity a group went to the Scrap Exchange in Durham. RC Josh challenged some of the group to see who could bring back the weirdest gift. Some entries were the arm of a mannequin and a tv. However, one of the entries stood above the rest. A third-year named Jackson Kennedy (With Mason Bonning and Cody chipping in) bought Josh a used fire extinguisher, winning the contest. The fire extinguisher made multiple cameos at the social events that term. Notable sightings:

-At Quadfest, Josh mocked extinguishing his team with the fire extinguisher

-At the second dance, Josh danced with the fire extinguisher

-At the final dance, some slow-dancing happened with the fire extinguisher. It was temporarily returned to its purchased, but that was the last anyone saw of it

This is Jackson Kennedy, the main purchaser of the fire extinguisher. Photo for proof: The location of the fire extinguisher is unknown, but I am sure it has found a good home.

-Fact: The fire extinguisher was used in an actual battle against an inferno, and qualifies for VA healthcare as a veteran.

Nobody knows when the fire extinguisher may make another guest appearance, so it is advised to be on the lookout for a bright red cylinder with no pin in the handle (it was combat-hardened). Also, the air inside might be poisonous, so inhalation is not recommended.