First Floor Hooligans

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The First Floor Hooligans, are arguably one of the best fourth year groups to exist at Texas A&M term II. The name originates from the single best movie ever bar none, Green Street Hooligans. This movie led to a wave of TIP spirit. First floor Hooligans abreviate their name 1FH. The 1FH were the guiding movement behind many of the newest traditions at A&M Term II, including: 4th Year Raves, Solid Snake Preformance, Twilight: the Cattle Call, they had a large hand in Fort Friday due to their positioning on the first floor, however that specific Idea can be credited to fourth year girls, The reemergence of LIVE LIVE LIVE at dances, no shirts past 10 oclock,the group stare at lunches,and more. Most if not all of Chris's RC group are honorary "American" Hooligans, due to their close ties with the 1FH.