First and Second Battles of Circle Quad

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Preface/First Battle Within the three-week span of East Term One 2016, a righteous dude named Noah (formally known as iTunes based on his song, "Hearts Throbbing") was involved in two "battles" during the dances which happen on the circle quad, each corresponding with a form of artistic expression, namely dance and poetic rap. The first of these battles was generally well documented by its bystanders and, in most cases, simultaneous participants such as Aniketh and his nation of Vineyard Vines-wearing crusaders. This battle honestly amounted to a glorified pseudo-poetic roast session of iTunes by anyone who wanted to riggity rek him and cop some respek on his/her/their name. These nasty memelords included but were not limited to: Aniketh (DREAM team Captain), Aidan, Ray, Wyatt, Brody, Ava, Jarred, Reece, Ethan and by proxy Bo (Bo wrote Brexit roasts and Ethan performed them).