Flaming pineapple

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So I just heard the most far out legacy, and honestly I can dig it. So you searched or came along this page by some random strand of luck without further ado;


The flaming pineapple is normally summoned forth when a Tipster has done something wrong and doesn't want to get in trouble. So a Tipster gets a pineapple quiver and a different student decides how much hot sauce goes on the pineapple. The tipster who doesn't want to get in trouble must eat the Flaming Pineapple as a form of penance or even as a way of initiation. I personally feel sorry for all Tipsters who stumble and then have to eat the dreaded FLAMING PINEAPPLE. For that is the legend of how the FP is and always will be. So if you want to read on and find out how it started keep on reading you devilish Tipster (or R.C or whoever)

One day as the RANGERS hat was eating he thought "I like pineapples and this hot sauce is far out dude." So he mixed them and that's how the dreaded creation came to be. The next day he really didn't want to throw away his ice cream and put his plate up, so he asked his friend to put it up. His friend responded, saying "Only if you eat the Flaming Pineapple." Then later in Tip a second year with an I started hanging out with the group of third years. So R went, "to be a honorary third-year you must eat a Flaming Pineapple." Needless to say I don't know where he is right now but he was the second second-year of that term. The first second-year is a completely different story.