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Floxerblasting is the act of journaling, except better because it isn't actually journaling. While the act of journaling implies tedious busy work that no one wants to do, floxerblasting is enjoyable, social, and less tedious.


  • Part of Speech: verb
  • Infinitive: to floxerblast
  • Past tense: floxerblasted
  • simple present: floxerblast
  • present continuous: am floxerblasting, are floxerblasting, is floxerblasting, are floxerblasting, are floxerblasting, are floxerblasting.
  • future: will floxerblast

Example Sentences

  • "Now, we will floxerblast on the topic of biases."
  • "We floxerblasted for thirty minutes straight in Social Psych today."
  • "Bridget is such a great teacher. She let us floxerblast for the whole class!"