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Flying Gopher was a ship that arose within the last week of 2018 Term II at Trinity [even though we all knew it was coming (that's debatable)]. This ship consisted of Flying Goat [Kennedy] and Gopher [Christopher]. It was, all in all, the most gloriously pure ship to ever exist. These two immediately became close friends and spent almost every free moment together. This prompted Rebecca and Lucas (among others) to begin Heeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyy. After the relentless serenading of the couple [done by Rebecca, her uke, Nya, Sophie, and Supernova] and the pickup lime XD (from my point of view neither of these things did much besides being annoying), they finally gave in to the truth. Flying Goat wrote Gopher a confession letter, had Sophie read and approve it, and snuck to his room to wedge it in his doorframe. This note was first discovered by Gopher's roommate, (unintentionally), and he read it aloud to Gopher's suite (this was super embarrassing(actually I'm unsure whether he read it to the entire suite, he at least didn't with me present. However, this did lead to me hating him even more and being mildly annoyed when he showed up the next year). Flying Gopher went to TIP Prom together (after days of romantic tension and secretive hand-holding)(honestly more like nervous pinkie-touching, looking back on it(Keyword being awkward -- and yes I know it wasn't even used just because I enjoy writing doesn't mean my thoughts make sense)(Why is that actually kind of adorable lol) and it was amazing. The entire Spec Fic class shipped it, and still do. <3


Btw they found each other again! (Just best friends now though, not currently in a relationship) They took Creative Writing at Trinity together in the summer of 2019 and were on track to take Philosophy of Time at Duke East in the summer of 2020, which was unfortunately canceled. They are constantly talking and face timing, and Flying Goat may even drive the four hours necessary to visit him sometime this year.

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