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The Game

Foosball was a popular activity in the common room of Alspaugh. During free periods, many TIPSTERS would form duos and play fierce games. Most of the games involved cussing, loud shouting, and taunting. Despite, all the rivalries created during this hostal event, it was always fun and worth playing.

The Beasts

However, as good as anyone was or hopes to be, no one will ever be better than Rodrigo and Kevin. This duo could not be stopped by anyone. The few times that they were beat, it was because they got careless. After a loss they would return and win 10 or more games in a row. Many rival duos did their absolute best to beat these monsters, but it was almost always in vain.

Rodrigo was unstoppable at the defensive end, often scoring with the goalie and making incredible saves. He gave his teammate Kevin the security of not having to worry about getting blown out.

Kevin was unstoppable from the offense. He created many moves including "The Kevin" which the opposing defense could hardly ever stop. He was often quoted saying, "I can't be stopped" or "you can't stop me" or "only I can do the Kevin."

They were never beaten in a best of 5 or 7.

The Missing Balls

In Term II, '06, the foosballs went missing from the Giles common room but were eventually found. People who were bored during Quadfest planning had to play foosball with Lifesavers and eventually the top of a flashlight.


After the call for fooseball was sent, one was eventually found in a Giles room closet inside a forgotten desk.. some of Amaresh's RAG became obsessed with the epic sport. The ball was handed to a careless rc on the last saturday and was lost to humanity forever.

in 2009, with the substitution of miniture wiffle balls, the next two tipsters who took the previous beasts' place were Evan and Kevin, with Evan beasting the offense and Kevin not letting a single ball through. Tyler was also a beasty player, teaming up with Evan to destroy the 2nd and 4th years in quadfest.

The Gift of the Lobsters

During the first term EVER at LSU, two LEGENDS by the names of Maya Havens and Lexie Helton played several games of foosball for the red team. It was said that their matching giant lobster slippers bestowed upon them the gift of the foos to allow them to beat all competitors mercilessly.

Their gift only worked when they played on the red side and had a bum named Nick carry them through their games.

If you follow the footsteps of Maya and Lexie and end up buying lobster slippers, a good way to boost the effect of the gift of the foos is to have no plan at all in the game, and spin the opposite way from which you should be spinning.