Fourth-Year Circle

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A tradition in which the 4th years break off from the giant circle formed for American Pie and create their own circle inside the larger one. At East Term I 2006, all the students were required to stay in a circle for at least a minute of the song (which was ok, seeing as the song is 8 minutes long), but the 4th years still managed to create a very tight circle after about the 3rd verse.

Sometimes 2nd/3rd years or ADFers attempt to run through and break up the 4th year circle. This is ill advised, and the person who does this runs the risk of being attacked by numerous tradition-strong 4th years. Having the staff in the middle of the circle is ok, as long as they don't attempt to break up the actual circle.

At East II 2006, the Llama was stolen right out of the middle of the fourth-year circle. The RC's just walked off with it, because the 4th years were reluctant to break up the circle and retrieve it. This was especially bad for Lindsey (Alex) who declared herself the Llama's date for the dance, leaving her to dance with actual guys.

  • For some reason the new administration of TIP in 2008 refused to give back the llama unless there was only one circle the entire American pie song at the last dance. Hopefully it will never happen again.

At UGA, all the 4th years get in a circle starting at Save Tonight, and remain in the circle through the remaining songs (Breakfast at Tiffany's, Good Riddance [Time of Your Life], and American Pie). At this time the RC's also get in their own small circle, while the remaining Tipsters create the large circle around them. During American Pie, they "kick off their shoes" as per the lyrics (but it is heavily advised not to do so unless you are a 4th year/RC. You WILL be looked down upon). Some 4th years will break away to hug the 2nd and 3rd years in the outer circle; some even challenge themselves to hug EVERYONE in the outer circle before American Pie (again, it is looked down upon if 2nd or 3rd years try and go around hugging everyone; it's acceptable to hug your close friends, but don't just hug random people).