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The Fourth-Year Forum was created in July 2017 by a Third-Year UGA TIPster as a place for Fourth-Years to share their past experiences and feelings towards Duke TIP either anonymously or openly for future TIPsters to see





Fourth Year Term - Fourth Year Campus - Year

Olivia Layton

Though my time at TIP at is over, it is not the end. TIP has given me, and my youngest sister, the chances of a lifetime. I have made amazing friends and have shared amazing experiences with lots of new and awesome people. I will always remember TIP and what it has done for me.

Fourth Year @ UGA Term 1 2017

Kara Middleton

Tip is one of the reasons i am alive today. it taught me that i am worthy of love how i am and that unconditional love not only exists but that it is so abundant. i am eternally grateful for duke tip for taking a small, scared 13 year old and turning her into a confident, self-loving girl. never can i ever repay everyone that has had a hand in shaping who i am today through duke tip. i love you all.

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Justin Zandstra

So the great thing about TiP is that. No, there's so many great things. But the best is that it's only three weeks. Yes, at the end, you wish it could go on forever, but because it doesn't, everyone can be themselves and act as the want toward other tipsters without any real repurchasing. If you don't like someone, you don't have to see them after tip is over. This allows people to be as gay, weird, or whatever as they want. That is why tip is such a community. You can be yourself to your full extent without social consequences. Also there's probably a correlation between intelligence and acceptance, just sayin. TiP is the most amazing, accepting, and weird place in the world and that's why I llove it so damn much.

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