Frat boy king

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frat boy king and queen and their closest subjects

-birmingham (sophia cheng) , cody aka frat boy king (ava roark), joseph(josephine), chad aka frat boy queen ( sophia osbonorne), eli (elizabeth)- Frat boy king/queen

on the second wednesday of term 1 at duke east it is cross dress day or where what you want wednesday, in this we have most girls dress as frat boys. To become a frat boy king you have to be appointed by the current king and or the current queen,ava roar and sophia osbonorne, and will be chosen based on their best display of the preppy frat boy.

Clothes and makeup

On tuesday night we meet and switch clothes and try them on and have a fashion show in the assplow common room and at 7 wednesday morning the boys come to alspuagh commons aka assplow to get their makeup done beautifully by the girls.

no homo

“but like no homo bro “ bc frats most popular phrase is no homo u got to let them know