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TIPsters have free time from 4-5pm each afternoon, as well as on Sunday mornings from 9-12 noon.

At Duke West 2010, TIPsters had free time plus some days, which was regular free time with optional activities. However, they were not allowed on any floor except the first floor. Duke West 2010 also had free Time ++, which meant TIPsters were allowed to go to any floor, except the basement (unless they were in an activity)

It should also be noted that (at least at Duke East) 4-5 free time is possibly the best thing ever. If you're a fourth year, you generally don't go to dinner until 5:25, giving you an extra half hour of basic free time. Therefore, you can go to Ninth Street from 4-5 and still hang out in Bassett until 5:25. RCs generally ignore TIPsters as much as possible for all of 4-5 free time.