Freeball Friday

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Freeball Friday
Active 2005
Campus(es) East
Day Friday
Term(s) II

Freeball Friday is a day when TIPsters do not wear underwear. As its name implies, it began as a day only for guys. Girls decided to also participate so that both guys and girls "bounce" on Freeball Friday. As a safety precaution, ultimate frisbee games SHOULD NOT be scheduled on Freeball Friday, which is traditionally the second Friday of TIP. However, the TIPsters-Faculty Ultimate Frisbee game was indeed scheduled for this exact day at Term II East 05.

A good idea is to blast "Free Fallin'" by Tom Petty and change the world "Fallin'" to "Ballin" .

The origins are disputed with stories for 2004, or 2002. Theory 1:Some fourth year boys (Jake, Parker) began Freeball Friday at East Campus Term II 2004. Theory 2:Freeball Friday was around on Duke East Term I in 2002.