Fresca Bowling

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So you want to hear the legend of the Fresca Bowling? Well take a seat because its gonna take a while.

So in preparation for the killer after-party after the 2nd dance at Duke West 2k14, A group of young men including 4th years Alex, Alexander Sexiness Denisowski, the REAL Slim Shrady, and The real brown OG (Charith), went to buy the neccesary supplies. One of the items neccesary was a 12 pack of soda. Charith vetoed Coke and Pepsi, Alex Denisowski vetoed Mountain Dew and as an alternative suggested Fresca. No one there had had Fresca before, but it was the only choice left. Soon after returning, Charith decided that he would play "Turn Down for What" from his phone as we made our victory lap from a successful food run. However, seeing that he had no free hands, he put his phone inside the Fresca box, creating accidentally a mini speaker.

Now, because of this victory lap we were almost late for Dinner, as we made our way back to meet up with Barry we were running, Fresca box in tow. When we got there, Barry gave us a very inquisitive look, specifically at the Fresca and said the famous words "Wait..... I get the food, but whats the deal with the Fresca guys?" You would've had to have been there to get it but it was so hilarious at that given time that it has lead to the creation of many Fresca based sayings including

  • Whats the deal with the Fresca?
  • What the Fresca!?

And many others

So dinner and the dance passes without a hitch, everyone had had a great time and by now at least a quarter of TiP was in on the whole Fresca bowling thing. Even Benny the RC cheered us on when I scored a strike from the other end of the hall. When the dance was over and done with, there were easily a dozen people in the hall all partaking in the sport of Fresca bowling. We eventually had to stop our match for lights out, and the fact that after a while, very few Fresca cans had survived for that long. Now let me outline the Rules to you

  • You do not talk about Fresca bowling
  • You aren't a real member of the NFL (National Fresca League) unless you have scored a strike from the other end of the hall
  • Watch your feet, Fresca traveling that fast HURTS
  • Any Fresca cans you break, you have to drink (You break it you drink it)
  • You can only play with Fresca, no other canned soft drink will work
  • Clean up whatever blow up
  • If its gonna blow, in the trash it goes

Seeing that this is being typed up the morning after, the saga is nowhere near done, much like IMDABES and Sean's RAG pages, expect more to be added as time progresses ~Yours truly