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18 guys + 1 feminist teacher = a whole load of fun

Game Theory 2011 Term 1

Jonathon - "I got swag"

Sebastian "Once I was riding a motorcycle and I mixed up the accelerator and the brake..." "Who are we going to get to take home this tree?" "What does the tree do when the champions come?" "I need flow. I cant learn without flow!"

Andrew: "Uhh... Grilled Chicken!"

Grilled Chicken "Memory AlteRatIon Juana" "Unless you're a stupid plane. Then you crash. And you die."

Micheal "Dino wanted to eat Unicornia..."

Anu "Your face is redundant!" "No! you cannot kill the ONLY girl in our class!"

Isa "I didn't bring any skirts. I dont like skirts! I only have like... 12!"

Elizabeth "Ohh wow 19 boys!" "Everyone must be fully clothed when we get back to class"


Game Theory 2011 Term II was awesome 'cause of Shark Tank. :P And Tim, who had to leave after the first week of TIP. :( We miss him. The most significant part of our class was GABBY'S PARTY and HENRY AND ADRIAN, no doubt. Sam and Nick's bromance floorgies will also always be remembered, along with Jake's annoying off-topic tangents.

Game Theory 2012

Daniel D.

Jackson D.

Kate D.



Pierce G.

Matthew H.

Lauren K.

Nico L.

Nicholas M.

Liam N.

Celine Q.

Michael R.

A.J. S.


Noah W.

Jonathan (RG3)

Sarah H.


Justin C.

Sparky (The rescue traffic cone)

Class Jokes

  • Let's Play a Game! haha, JK.
  • Don't hate the player, hate the game.
  • "Paper Rock Scissors"
  • The Dream Team! (Celine & Michael)
  • The Big Butt Club!

Game theory 2013

Jordan Robinson Sean Ozyazgan EJ Ozyazgan Ray Xie Josh Cole Camilla Kampmann Akash Charlotte Folinus Sonia Gadre Sydney Feinsmith Ian Nathan Stuti Carlos Evan Teddy (Rippa) Ravenpaul Daniel (or D'neil)

TA: Kyle Saunders Instructor Andrew Gracyk

Class Jokes Alex We're in singapore Narwhals

Game Theory 2014














(And others who will be added soon)

Class Jokes

Rule #1- NO FUN

The Karma Tiger- exacting vengeance upon red pandas who don't vote or fail to pay taxes

Liam's three year contract

"You will have nightmares about the prisoners dilemma"

The game theory of rock paper scissors

"A bushel of Pespi"

"They're skittles, not years"

"When you're dead, you don't have babies. When you don't have babies you don't spread your genes."

Game Theory 2015

Term 2 Students: Jacob "Jonas Brothers" Tate, Madelyn Kumar, Charlotte "Satan" Small, Julia "Pan" Weiss-Curry, Lucy "fer" Rhymes, Allyn Doyle, Zachary Bell, Ryan "Ravioli" Eck, Joseph Gilliam, Wesley "Wallace" Hardin, Cameron Lavallee, Sean "Snake: McHugh, Sydney McKinney, Gigi "ALL I DO IS WIN" Powell, Luke "Luxembourg" Smith, Camden Switzer, Karen Yung (Yung Karen), Jessica Zhang The teacher was Jonathan "you're on the right track" Salcedo and the TA was Alex "don't worry bout it" Young.

Class Jokes

  • 0-100 real quick
  • the theoretical cap
  • frisbee pentagrams
  • youre on the right track/dotn worry bout it
  • rational v irrational
  • safety orange
  • flying fro yo truck
  • Alex picking rap titles for evening study
  • Trashketball
  • Fire mixtapes
  • Trying to set up Zach
  • Naming Wesley Wallace

Game Theory 2017

Term 2 Students: Akshay Patel(Ahkmed), Alex Kumar(Stumpy/Stumps), Alex Rintamaa, Aram(Arambe), Asher Fitterman(Hubert), Ayush Krishnamoorti(Headass), Colin Stenger(Backflip), Electra Szmukler, Elena, Grace Hill, John, Leighton Carpenter(Cannon), Lucia, Michael Ji, Miles VanDenBurg, Thomas Lewis, Tristram, Will Staples, TA was Ben Dolder, teacher was Andrew Graczyk.

Class Jokes

  • Defect every time
  • Reading vs. Paddleboating
  • Harassing TA Ben about TA Kat from HOTF
  • Second Hand Skittles
  • Israel declaring war on Egypt
  • The dancing man
  • Precious bodily fluids
  • Pure essence
  • Nuking Pakistan

Game Theory Term I 2019

  • Drowning babies for $250