Game theory 06 Term I

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The Ultimate Class

One of the greatest group of Tipsters ever to be put under the control of a teacher and TA, the Game Theory class of 06 Term I was a unified group of students, picked to be all male, who enhanced their calculator game skills during long lectures and the hoarding of great amounts of food and gum that was stolen by all. The class had an awesome TA, named Luke (don't remember how to spell his last name), who eventually took on the name as Luke Skywalker, given by Ryan after saying "Luke, I am your father" and "Use the Force, Luke". Even Luke remembers the great times that were had in evening study with his wonderful students. Evening study was the fun time for the class as there was very little lecturing to happen. Later on in the term though, Genna and Luke did agree to let the class have more discussion time and better games, like the car dealership and the auction, where Kevin won like 4 prizes without using many chips/money at all. Overall, the class got bogged down at times, but the students would liven it up with their personalities.

The Rivalry

For every great group of people, there is another group that opposes them. For Game Theory, that group was Political Theory, the other class that had sessions in the Bivins Building on the outskirts of the campus. Both sides decided to have an ultimate match, in which the Game Theory class was superior and dominated. Peace would be kept between them for a while, until Political Theory attacked the Game Theory classroom with great amounts of grass. This meant war for the infuriated class, as they attacked back with the flipping of chairs, messages on the dry-erase board, backpacks on the ceiling, and the stealing of very good dry erase markers (that our teacher was happy to receive). However, the Political Theory teacher put an end to it with a visit to the Game Theory class expressing his feelings on the destruction of their class. Game Theory wrote an apology, but it meant naught to the Political Theory class, as they believe that it was insincere, despite our teacher believing the opposite. For the apologetic class, this was considered the unconditional surrender of Politcal Theory, proving that Game Theory was better in the end. [[1]]


The Game Theory class was always unified (well, mostly unified) in how they went through the term. They played ultimate together, they played walking ultimate together, they threw the frisbee into the crowd together, which usually showed that Roy and Kevin were the best catchers. On the final day, the class came together and played some form of wall-ball, and had their final dance to the song "What is Love?", while doing our final circle cheer: Who are we-GAME THEORY What color are we-BLUE What are we good at-GAMES Who will we beat-POLITICAL THEORY Who did we beat-POLITICAL THEORY AHH WE MUST PROTECT THIS HOUSE

The Students

The Triumvirate

Maxwell-showing off his smarts early on in the term, Maxwell got on the class' bad side by not donating his pennies and almost costing the class 1 free hour of game time

Max-always sportin' his Tarzan hairdo, Max became part of the Game theory hit list along with Maxwell for not donating all of his pennies

Dustin-A quiet person who would "feary the Game Theory", this 4th year was among those who did not donate his pennies

The Quadumvirate

Chase-fellow 4th year, Chase was quiet the first week or so, but then got more involved in the class once he was forced to not sit in the back of the class. Unfortunatly during the second week was absorbed into the triumvirate thus turning it into the Quadumvirate. May the old Chase R.I.P.

The Frisbeeers

Rodrigo-another 4th year in the class, Rodrigo would catch any frisbee that came his way, no matter if there was another TA in the way or if a car was coming down the street. Rodrigo teamed up with Kevin to form an unstoppable duo that could not be beaten by anyone. They were the beasts of east campus.

Ryan-One of the two loudmouths of the class, Ryan wasn't afraid to exploit people's stupidity with his trademark "dur dur durrr"

Joe-the other loudmouth of the class, the amount that Joe could speak in one breath was second only to Genna

edit: second to her? i find that insulting

Duke-more expressive as the term went on, Duke was known for bringing his large amounts of gum and giving them out to experience that "warm glow"

Mark-always full of energy, Mark was the energizer bunny of the class when it came to frisbee during break...but only break, because there can be no energizer bunny during class

Davis-never speaking much, Davis usually just sat there as his nearby friends played his calculator games throughout the class

Reid-the Snapple collecter, Reid encouraged his classmates to buy more Snapple, as it makes the world go round

Roy-a person who kept his fellow classmates awake, Roy rivaled Duke and Michael in calculator games, and would be jealous of others when he was bested

Kevin-usually spending his time listening to music, Kevin and Roy had their differences, especially when Kevin made certain comments, and when it was break time for catching frisbees

Donald-the biggest calculator gamer of the class, Donald would not be denied beating 3 of the 4 puzz-pack games, while using most of Duke's calculator battery

Eric-somewhat quiet at times, Eric was an intelligent person, but the fact that he was only a second year did not help

Raul-a fellow second year, Raul spent time listening to his music also, while drinking his "orgasmic" drink during class

Michael-the final 2nd year, he usually didn't understand much of what happened, but he was made Roy's drink getter on the last week


Jeffrey-usually never at a loss of words, Jeffrey was probably the smartest of the class....and probably most rational. Too awesome to be in any other group and unfortunatly did not play frisbee.