Garrett Seeger

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Garrett Seeger
Campus(es) KU, TAMU, Rice
Attended 2012-2015
Course(s) Computer Programming, Military Strategy, Cold War: From Allies to Adversaries, Astronautical Engineering
RAG(s) Adam, Steven, Austin, Jeff
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Most notable part of KU SQUAD. Always helping people and having a great time, probably due to being second place in the Brother Bear race.

Rice term 2 2k15 At Rice, Garrett took Astronautical Engineering. On the second day, his teacher had been fired under "mysterious" circumstances. After the term emails we're sent explaining all of it. After receiving them he is quoted with saying, "does the teach not realize I don't give a ^insert F word." In class he recieved a famous gold star, voted for safety green, and believed the moon landing was a hoax. Like most children in the class Garrett was normally on his phone part-taking in the famous 4th year 2015 GroupMe he created. Sadly the RCs found out about the GM because of the protein powder incident. On breaks, Garrett would play Frisbee, Coup (an amazing game only $12), socialize,or sleep. Wore his Skeeters hat almost everyday (same one from Crest Challenge) and made Jackson laugh all the time when he and Hector would say,"same" and "true". The first dance he asked a female to dance but was ignored and went to dance with Sam. He then proceeded to ask Grace to the second Dance using a berry good pun. Asked Jennings to the third dance. Much is still to be learned about this smooth af person.