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The gazebo became a meme at Duke East Term 1 2018 when the corrupt admin decided that ninth street privileges should be cancelled and replaced by the old worn-down gazebo of all places. Ugh, how everyone hated it! It became a symbol of anti-admin and anti-oppression rhetoric, and it became a sarcastic chant as a protest against the harsh authoritarian policies, which the fourth years have been fighting ever since the dawn of Tip. To make matters worse, a random tipster’s name (not gonna tell you for privacy reasons) was chanted in response to “gazebo,” which infuriated the admin even more, so they were force to refrain from shouting that unknown tipster’s name; it got too cliche. Eventually the admin gave in, and the terror of the gazebo slowly became irrelevant as the fourth years finally earned back their rights that second week. The gazebo was left to the wild, for the evil creatures to consume and decide its fate.