Geoff Toy

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Geoff Toy
Geoff during his first year on staff
Name Geoff Toy
Nickname Geoff (pronounced gee-off, Gerf, Gherff, or Geff)
Campus(es) East, Wake Forest, UGA, Marine Lab
Attended 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2013
Relationship(s) RC and RHL
Dorm Various


Geoff is a former TiPster who went on to become an RC (at Duke East both terms in 2007, Wake Forest one term in 2008, and the Marine Lab one term in 2010) and an RHL (at UGA both terms in 2009, 2011, and 2013).

TiPster Years

He was a TiP student in 2001 (Davidson, Ecology), 2002 (Davidson, Fantasy Quest: Tolkien), and 2004 (Duke East, Computer System Engineering). He also attended the now-extinct PreCollege program in 2005.

Comments About Geoff

He loves TIP and TIPsters but would appreciate it if they didn't edit his page and would love it if we spammed GEOFF GEOFF GEOFF all over his wall.

He, along with Jessie, another RC, are known to spread a roumor that they are brother and sister. This is easy to believe, considering they are both gingers. However, many Tipsters have gone on record and said that he has told them that they aren't, in fact, related.

Inaccurate, he says they ARE siblings but likes to tell tipsters they're twins, which is believable. GEOFF GEOFF GEOFF GEOFF GEOOF GEOFF GEOFF