Get down Mr president

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 During 2017 Term 2 @LSU at the beginning of the second week the yell of Tony Lemcke could be heard as he was the first to be tackled in the central tower MP room.
 The object of the game was simple. A group of friends could be doing anything;talking, eating, ping pong, fuse ball. Then at random anyone could place their finger on their ear( much like a secret service agent would) without alerting anybody. It was then a race, whoever noticed would put their finger to their ear and the last one(or whoever failed to notice) would be tackled by the first one to start the game while the group would chant "Get down Mr president"


The origin of the game was from the second year  and the third year Nycoi Jones. But was soon adapted by Popeye's (Henry's) Angry Dragons/Kntrol Groop. The game did soon however spread throughout all of the term played by both girls,boys; 2nd, 3rd, and 4th years alike.