Goon Squad Flag

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The Goon Squad Flag

The Goon Sqaud Flag (or Crimson Star) is a TIP relic on East Campus Term II. It is a black flag with a red border and a large red star in the middle. The Flag is carried by a Fourth Year boy, known as the Goon or the Goon Squad Leader, who is responsible for organizing the various antics of the Goon Squad (pretty much all the fourth year boys), including sneaking out in the early morning of Toga Tuesday to garb B. Duke's statue in his toga. The Goon is yearly chosen for his leadership, outrageous humor, fearlessness, and willingness to FSU (Facilitate Staff Unhappiness)


The Flag was originally used by International Relations classes as a tool for simulations. As legend has it, throughout the term various parties were meant to attempt to win and keep the flag through bargaining and subterfuge. However, after a time this game was disallowed, as IR students began breaking rules (sneaking out after dark, entering other bedrooms) to win possession of the flag. Consequently, in 2012, 3rd year Baasit Bhutta became the permanent keeper of the Flag. Bassist and his flag were insepaparable (for both 2012 and 2013 Baasit and his flag were a listed relationTIP): through 2015 the original flagpole was a large wooden dowel with "Baasit's Flag" written in large letters down its length. As a member of the Billises and Goon Squad, the flag soon became associated with the antics of Baasit and his friend group. At the conclusion of Term in 2013, Baasit passed his flag onto Kobi Johnson, who passed it to Mitchell Bullington for 2015. During Mitchell's term, TIP decided that, as a class item, the flag was TIP property and must be kept on campus during the 49 weeks. During that time, they lost it, so 2016 Goon Joseph Hlavinka carefully remade the flag and connected it to some PVC pipe; it fell off frequently, until Chris Gold began tying the flag on with some second years' lanyards.

The Goons

2012-2013: Baasit Bhutta

2013-2014: Kobi Johnson

2014-2015: Mitchell Bullington

2015-2016: Joseph Hlavinka

2016-2017: Chris Gold

2017-2018: Jack Trahan

2018-2019:Forrest Chandler

2019-2020:Brian Oh