Grace McCullough

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Grace McCullough is awesome. Edit this page to your liking, Grace and/or Tyler, Henry, Veronica, etc.

Grace went to Trinity in 2011 and 2012. She sadly had to miss her third year due to a problem with her application. She went to Duke East in 2014.


Grace went to Trinity University her first year and took Psychology. She was very shy and spent most of her time reading in her room. While she did not make many friends and was not very involved, she still considered it the highlight of her summer and vowed to return.


Grace was much more outgoing her second year, largely due to an unexpected TiPster friend outside of TiP. She took Creative Writing. She made many friends, most notably Katie Hyry, who remains her best friend to this day. She also met a boy who went to her school named Evan, who she nicknamed Thresh (she calls him Thresh to this day and forgets that he has another name).


Grace went to East her fourth year and took Literary License without Limits. She was a founding member of the breakfast club which also included Duco, Henry, Matthew, Ro, Adrian, Joseph, Sylvia, Niles, Katie and Drew. She was the only fourth year who was originally a part of this squad although they were later joined by Maria and her boyfriend (who's name I am currently forgetting). This meant that Grace and Maria were the only ones at the table who were active participants in the doggy doggy doggy chant. This is funny because Grace is by far the most innocent of the squad. She is part of the reason why the squad was dubbed the breakfast club. She reminded Drew of Molly Ringwald, a fact that Drew was and continues to be very vocal about.

Beyond TIP

Grace continues to be a part of the tip community. She is an active member of the LLWL 2014 Facebook group and a group chat of ever-changing title including Max Correa, Tyler Tinari, Herny Snater, Kylie Wang (honorary tipster), Dylan Quintal, and Drew. This group chat is made mostly of term 1 easties. They have many inside jokes including The Picture of Grace, NSFG (not safe for Grace) and calling Grace Grac.

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