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The best RAG ever to reside in Alspaugh (2009), known for their enormous swagg power, even in the absence of half of the RAG. Green team was the most affected by the H1N1 virus. At one point no less than five of the RAG were incapacitated in Giles or sent home. Unlike their male counterparts, Sakinah's RAG was not as severely affected by the H1N1 virus. Only one member, Alex Sullivan, was sent to Quarantine, though several others had some suspicious coughs and other symptoms. They are also known for semi-secret handshake known only to the Green team and Sakinah's RAG, also known as the Green Team Girls or The Quotes, and nicknames of significance.

As a Pentaforce team of the original green team and Sakinah's RAG, the Green Team was the first to earn a slice of the pentaquiesce and ultimately placed 2nd in the event, one of only 3 teams, and the only second year team, to complete the pentaquiesce. The Green team was about to come in third when an injured teammate (Who had been hit in the head by a door swinging outward), Haley Sheehan, returned from the infirmary and bestowed upon the Green team the last 20 tickets needed to complete the pentaquiesce. Both RAGs chose an extra off campus RAG night as a prize, but this prize could not be carried out because of quarantine restrictions for the H1N1. As a replacement, Corey and Sakinah planned a party with the two RAGs during the last week.

Green team members

  • RC, Corey
  • Captain, Duncan (Nader)*
  • Andrew (Yoda)
  • Max (4 Leaf-Clover)
  • Bobby (Hulk)
  • Patrick (Kermit)
  • Hunter (Poison Ivy)*
  • Robert (Shrek)*
  • Warren (Kryptonite)
  • Craig (BOSS)
  • Leon (Green Light)*
  • Meyer (Money)*

Sent to Giles/Home*

The Quotes Members

  • Sakinah "The Universally Loved RC" Omar
  • Yuri "The Tone-Deaf Singer" Lee
  • Cat "Minicat" McKeown
  • Hayley "The Evil Spaz" Mockler
  • Som-Mai "The Awesome" Nguyen
  • Becky "The Pop Tart Eating Introvert" Park
  • Nisha "The Smiling Extrovert" Patel
  • Haley "The Horoscope Telling Mind Reader" Sheehan
  • Lilly "Spicy Mexican Chocolate" Shen
  • Alex "The Mad Hatter" Sullivan
  • Lydia "Tough and Playful" Sweet
  • Caroline "The Easily Entertained" Wallace
  • Ashley "The Split Personality Gangster" Wang