Grellow's not a color

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Red is red cause we already crushed them. Blue is blue cause we already drowned them. Grellow's not a color so we don't really count 'em. Green is green cause we already creamed them. GREEN GREEN GREEN GO GREEN!~lexi&riley

This cheer was made by duke TIP wake forest term 1 2016's green team at quadfest. Green team was originally supposed to win but was cheated out of first place. There was said to be a tie between grellow and green and "it was too close to call" but they gave it to grellow instead of green. we will never forget how green was cheated.

PS (by a green team member): Green wasn't even close to winning. Blue came in last, but the tie came between Green and Red. Grellow won in a landslide, thereby securing its position as a color. Grellow is a color everyone.

long live the grellow empire