Guitar, Art and Poetry

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Guitar, Art and Poetry along with its sequel "II", was an Evening Activity during Duke West Term I, 2009. It involved trees, sketchbooks, and of course, acoustic guitars.

This activity was led by the RCs Scott and Noah and happened in the .

Noah would show off his artistic abilities in charcoal while girls fawned over him as usual...(and who can blame them?). Scott would bring his guitar and jam out to people's requests while others sang the songs he was playing. Girls would also fawn over Scott. This could be called a do what you want evening activity as you were allowed to do just about anything like: run around, throw frisbee, take a nap, read, or do what the activity said. This activity led to two different acts at the talent show, The RCs - Scott, Noah, Andy, and Sam Warlick singing and playing the song Save Tonight; and reading a poem he wrote at the activity.