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Guneev Sharma is a TIPster who attended Texas A&M Term 2 as a 2nd, 3rd, and 4th year in 2009, 2010, and 2011. He did not go to his 1st year, but he was still a true TIPster.

He cut his hair. Which is rather unfortunate because he had "orgasmic" Bieber hair. He still has great hair, that is long enough to cover his larger-than-normal earlobes. His "Swag" Old Spice makes him famous with the ladies.

2nd year he was in Quantum Mechanics. He was in Neuropsych his 3rd year (the BEST CLASS EVER) and was constantly arguing that Xbox live was social (it can be...somewhat). It was joked about that he and Unwana had a relationtip, after the party at Tasty Town. This is not true, Guneev is straight (some girls know this for a fact.) 4th year, he was in Criminal Law, on the prosecution, which won the mock trial.

He decided of doing a 4th year prank so, during his 4th year, he helped to lead the fourth year pranks (organized by Media:Kat Mageeon the 4th floor. He also got in trouble for holding her hand, when they were supposedly "dating" He participated in the Ultimate game, where students lost to staff by 1 point (the closest gap in his 3 years at TIP). He also went all-out for cross-dress day, even painting his nails. Because of this, BEE dressed feminine for a day. He volunteered to swallow the CREST commercial cup, which showed his true love for TIP.

During the last night, he participated in the secret party in Kendall's room, as well as the bathroom, hallway, and closet parties. He stayed up all night to enjoy TIP as much as possible, before he left.

Guneev keeps in touch with many TIPsters, and has even been known to have TIPsters visit him. This shows how good of a friend he really is.He loves Kat the most though :)