Hailey Jenkins

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Hailey Jenkins is a second year third year Tipster from Orlando, Florida.

Her first time at TiP was her second year which she spent at ASU. She took Math Problem Solving and was in Mallory's RC group which won third place at LipSync for their dance to Call Your Girlfriend.

She returned to TiP the next year at UGA where she took Cryptography and was in Elizabeth's group. Her roommate was Eva Cook and she was often seen in the company of the fabulous Ellie Morton and Marika O'Hara.

In-Between TiP Sessions Hailey enjoys mispronouncing(more like pronouncing them perfectly!) controversial words like "Theatre" and "Synonym" in order to drive certain accomplices(Jackson) towards insanity, as well as listening to odd yet hilarious music about cherished Disney movies.

Year Year at TIP Campus Term Course RC Roommate
2012 2nd ASU 2 Math Problem Solving Mallory Veronica Carleton
2013 3rd UGA 2 Cryptography Elizabeth Eva Cook
2014 4th  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?