Haley Armor

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Haley Armor
Pronouns She,her
Campus(es) Wake Forest
Attended 2017
Course(s) That's Debatable, Speculative Fiction (honorary)
RAG(s) Ariel's RC Group
Roommate(s) {{{roommate}}}
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Haley Armor is a tipster who attended TiP one year, in 2017, at WFU Term 2. She was a member of the Blue Square Cult.


In 2017, Haley was part of Ariel's RC Group for her first year. Her roommate was Nina, and her group performed Lipgloss for TipSync, though bobody won because too many people broke rules. To all the dances, she went with Riley Sanford. Though she was a member of That's Debatable, she was an honorary member of Speculative Fiction.She also founded the Blue Square Cult, as well as ALDS, or All Ladies Despise Shawn, in her Debate class. She also worked as campaign manager for the TiP President, Dillion Delaney, and vice president, Katherine Beale

Associated Tipsters

  • Delaney Devlin is Haley's best friend, though they never attended TiP together, Delaney created this page as a thank you to Haley for convincing her to sign up for the 7th grade talent search.