Haley Davidson

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Haley Davidson is a 2nd year 3rd year from Efland, North Carolina. She will forever be known for her bandanna collection and motherly qualities, even though she was always the youngest in the group. Her everlasting RelationTiP with Olivia Mumaugh is probably the hottest thing you'll ever see.

Second Year

During her second year, Haley was in Mallory's RC Group with Olivia. They became known for their LipSync song 'Call your Girlfriend' which eventually became the ASU Term 2 anthem. When asked about her favorite memories from her 2nd year, Haley replied with "Meeting Olivia". D'aw. This was the year Haley had her first slow dance, played card games for hours on end, and learned to play mafia. She took Mathematical Problem Solving and, well, that should pretty much explain itself. Another favorite memory was when Olivia locked her lanyard in her dorm room and went ballistic trying to get in touch with her roommate to unlock the door. When she finally got in, the two of them ripped her room apart, and it was still nowhere to be found. They later found it under Olivia's bed.

Third Year

Haley's third year can most definitely be described in a single word: unforgettable. She was in Grace's RC Group who were known as The Desperate Diva's (Which will next year be Grace's Super Sluts). She became apart of the alliance known as '1D' that was made up of Olivia Mumaugh, Edythe Heins,Katherine Sullivan, and Emma Wagoner. They became inseparable and did absolutely everything together. It should be noted that Haley shipped #CALIA from day one. A few of her favorite memories from her third year were: The constant boy chasing, hair parties, ruining Edythe's middle school experience, bathroom breaks during class, and going with Olivia to the bathroom at 1 am because she was afraid of RC's. During the first RC group night the girls watched 'Perks of Being a Wallflower' which ended in a giant sobfest, but left all the girls reciting the quote "And in that moment I swear we were infinite". Of course Olivia had to go and butcher the quote, but it nonetheless left a huge affect on them. During the last RC group night, they went into town together. As they were running back to Myers later that night they screamed "I feel infinite!" while holding hands. And never in our lives have things ever felt as right as they did in that moment. That was Haley's over all favorite memory with the girls. #DDTTTT


Haley/Olivia - Still going 2 years strong.<3