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Halfbaked was the name of the best fourth year girl squad to ever exist (East term 2, summer of '16). It had 12 members who were and still are bffls.

There was:

-Mary Frances from Alabanamana

-Annemarie from Oklahoma

-Brooke from Florida

-Ella Catherine from Missouri

-Elle from South Carolina

-Emma from Texas

-Emily from Ohio (now South Korea)

-Grace from Tennessee

-Olivia from North Carolina

-Olivia from Texas

-Rachel from New York

-Taylor from North Carolina

-Thea from Washington

HalfBaked got its name because of a dare circle that formed during the third week of fourth year. Before that circle, the squad was very real, but did not have a title. Some of the most notable dares included: the "lean in for the kiss and swerve" where Taylor got stiffarmed by an alarmed young KJS and the "I love your shoes" where each of the girls scarred Luke Gomez for life while complementing his poor, abused Birkenstocks.

What's so special about HalfBaked is that we all still talk to each other every day (as of February 3rd, 2017). We tell each other about all the great events we have going on in our lives, and we do Highs and Lows every night, just like we used to do at RAG nights during TiP.

Unfortunately, due to HalfBaked's large size and that the bonds of the group actually grew stronger after TiP, there aren't any full HalfBaked squad pics. Which is a dang tragedy.


Top Row (from left to right): Olivia C., Mary Frances, Grace, Emma, Ella Catherine, Annemarie, Thea

Bottom Row: Elle, Emily, Brooke, Rachel, Abigail

Taylor and Olivia L. are not pictured. Taylor because she ran to her room to change her shirt. Come on Taylor.